Partnering with BCG Penbridge

BCG Penbridge helps defined benefit plan sponsors implement the most efficient solutions for plan maintenance, de-risking and pension risk transfer. In delivering its services, BCG Penbridge frequently works in collaboration with the sponsor’s other advisors and service providers, including law firms, consulting actuaries, independent fiduciaries, investment consultants, asset managers and financial advisors. BCG Penbridge believes this coordinated approach provides the plan sponsor the comprehensive information needed to make balanced, well-informed decisions.

BCG Penbridge works alongside the sponsor’s other advisors / service providers in either of two ways:

Teaming agreement – BCG Penbridge contracts with an advisor or service provider to provide that party’s client – the plan sponsor – a specific deliverable such as a PRT Assessment or DB Expense Benchmarks Report.

Strategic alliance – BCG Penbridge enters into an agreement with an advisor or service provider to provide coordinated defined benefit plan services.

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