Steve Keating

Steve KeatingSteve is Managing Director of BCG Penbridge. He has 20 years of experience in defined benefit pension and insurance consulting. At BCG Penbridge, Steve focuses on helping corporate DB plan sponsors evaluate plan cost, pension de-risking alternatives, and choosing annuity products and providers. Steve also advises insurance companies on pension risk transfer market entry preparedness. Steve designed and launched BCG Penbridge’s PRT Database, currently used by more than 400 plan sponsors and advisory firms. More recently, Steve designed and launched the first industrywide DB expense survey and benchmarks reports. Steve also leads BCG Penbridge’s information services business, which licenses annuity buyout pricing and DB expense benchmarking data to DB plan service providers. Steve served as an annuity market expert to the Motorola Solutions’ Annuity Committee, supporting the fiduciary oversight of the company’s $3.1 billion annuity buyout transaction. He testified at the hearing before the ERISA Advisory Council on “Private Sector Pension De-risking and Participant Protections.” Steve works with a broad range of DB market participants, including plan sponsors, advisory firms, insurance companies, asset managers and independent fiduciaries. Steve is a regular speaker at industry events on pension risk issues, has authored numerous BCG Penbridge thought leadership papers and has been featured in various business and financial news publications. He obtained his BS in Engineering from Syracuse University