This collaborative advisor offering delivers highly coordinated advice at every phase of plan maintenance, de-risking and pension risk transfer.
Steve Keating
Managing Director
BCG Penbridge

Alliances: P-Solve

P-SolveHighly coordinated advice at every phase of plan maintenance, de-risking and pension risk transfer.

BCG Penbridge and P-Solve have established a strategic alliance to include risk management solutions as part of BCG Penbridge’s defined benefit plan collaborative advisor offering.

The two firms work closely together to help corporate sponsors of U.S. defined benefit plans tailor investment outcomes to specific requirements.

Analysis and Advice for
Plan Maintenance, De-Risking and Pension Risk Transfer
BCG Penbridge P-Solve
Independent, Unbiased Information & Advice Leader in Pension Risk Management
Unparalleled Plan Maintenance Cost Analysis Asset-Liability Investment
Management Expertise
Comprehensive PRT Feasibility Analysis Implementer of Risk Management Solutions
Bridging the Pension Gap

BCG Penbridge services are designed to provide DB plan sponsors with efficient solutions for plan maintenance or pension risk transfer. Its services include DB expense analysis and benchmarking, vendor searches, customized PRT assessments, buyout price monitoring, executive education as well as comprehensive implementation support.

P-Solve works with plan sponsors and their advisors to develop and implement an investment and risk management plan to help them achieve their desired outcome. P-Solve has extensive expertise in utilizing derivatives and other investments to efficiently implement hedging strategies. Such strategies can help plan sponsors to both close a funding gap and to better manage risk simultaneously. P-Solve’s derivatives expertise and deep actuarial knowledge combine to provide plan sponsors with a true partner in achieving a desired outcome.

About P-Solve

P-Solve is a leading provider of risk management and advisory services to institutional investors such as defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, insurers and charitable organizations. P-Solve combines top-flight investment thinking, actuarial science and financial engineering skill to bring innovative solutions that help our clients to better manage their assets to their unique objectives. P-Solve acts as a fiduciary manager for over $12 billion in assets, manages over $19 billion notional in customized risk management solutions and provides investment advice on over $35 billion¹. P-Solve is a division of River and Mercantile Group plc.

¹ As at December 31, 2016. The asset totals are global and include clients of P-Solve’s UK based affiliate.